Many words of gratitude go out to the Flint Dance Studio....This Studio has been "The Best"  experience for our family.   Our children have attended this Studio for almost 13 years and are still going strong.
This Studio has a great sense of "Family"  which I feel has contributed to our children’s self-confidence, self-drive and motivation to attain the necessary skills required to meet team requirements and to become talented dancers. This Studios’ incredibly talented instructors and students continue to work together to help one another young and old as a "Team" and as an extended "Family".
There are not enough words to describe my gratitude and appreciation to all of Flint Dance Studio. Our children have blossomed into beautiful, talented and confident young ladies.

We thank you.
Toni and Craig Szabo

"Tried out the new "Funktional Fitness" class last night, and it's safe to say I can't wait to be in there this fall a few times a week.. Definitely a fun and challenging workout! Much better than going to the gym!!" Samye N.

At first, I chose Flint's because of the location. It is close to home and close to work.  I liked it because it was a small business.  It didn't have that "over the top" feel, and I appreciate that because we were just exploring the dance option for our little girl.  She loved it!  Now, after having been in dance for a year, I could not imagine sending her anywhere else besides Flint's.  Ms. Sheri is absolutely wonderful with the kids.  I'm not sure I could put it into words what a wonderful teacher she is.  Her technique, sense of humor, and her personality all click with our family.  It is clear from the year-end show that Flint's Dance Studio is a family run studio, and you can feel that from the moment you walk in the door of their studio. How could you not want that to be a part of your child's development?    


S. Woolley
My daughter has learned fundamentals of ballet and tap in a fun, safe, family-like environment. She has met new friends and learned how to better follow directions,about participating in group activity, about the discipline of dance and in general better "body awareness."

What has Taylor Gained from dancing at Flints?
She has gained coordination, structure, and she's learned to be part of a team or group. She's learned to move her body to music.
She has also gained friendships that hopefully will last a lifetime. 

The most important thing that Taylor G has gained from taking dance classes from Flint's is her confidence.  Dance has really brought out her personality and confidence at such a young age.  Flint's has a positive atmosphere and has a lot of role models for young children. This confidence has really helped her with success in school and made her the outgoing person she is today.
Dawn Geiger

Kate has experienced the love and passion for danced that is expressed by all of her instructors at Flints. She has gained confidence and self discipline, which will not only help her with her dance, but throughout her life!She has gained the love of practice makes perfect (did I really just say that?!) The child actually enjoys practicing!