Donna and Jerry Flint met in Cleveland, Ohio at Gene Carol’s Dance Studio when Donna was 15 and Jerry 18. Donna taught dance and managed the front desk of the studio where Jerry rehearsed his performance group. On short notice, one of Jerry's female dancers was unable to fulfill her commitment and Jerry asked Donna to fill in and she agreed. In 1956, they formed the song and dance act called The Mobiles. Donna and Jerry performed throughout the Eastern Seaboard and Canada in nightclub and resort venues such as the Tropicana. The Flint's appeared on several commercials and TV shows including the CBS show,  “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts” in 1957.  They were the first ‘Song and Dance Act” to win! They worked with performers such as Andy Williams, George Jessel, Pat Boone, Jack Carter, Dottie West, and Gene Autry, to name a few.

They married in 1958 then relocated from Cleveland Ohio and started their Dance Studio together. In 1960, Donna and Jerry Flint started Flint Dance Studio in the Wade Music Company on South Michigan Street, in South Bend, Indiana. The first of their four children was born in 1961 and as their family grew, their business grew. In 1969, they bought their own studio on Milburn Boulevard in Mishawaka, Indiana, where it is still located.

Not until years later after being married, as they were sharing stories of their childhood and early careers, they came to realize that they first actually met while performing on the same television show when Donna was only 6 years old and Jerry 9 years old.

Together Donna and Jerry continued to perform, choreograph, and director of several musical productions throughout the South Bend/Mishawaka community. Some of the organizations they worked with include The Country Playhouse, Presbyterian Players, and Indiana University at South Bend, the South Bend Symphony, South Bend School Corporation, Michiana Opera Guild, and Southold Dance Theatre.

Donna and Jerry have four children (Sheri, Danny, Sheila, and Vicki), six grand children, and two great-grand daughters. On November 15, 2004 the Flints and the entire dance community suffered a tremendous loss with Donna's unexpected passing.

Donna and Jerry’s passion, hard work, professional ethics, love for dance and their students, and each other allowed them to work and live very closely together for over 50 years. Flint Dance Studio continues to succeed with this at its core.

Jerry, Sheri (his daughter), and Wendy Kress (his partner), continued the legacy that is Flint's Dance Studio. Danny, Sheila, and Vicki (Jerry's son and daughters) also play a role in continuing the success of the studio. His grand daughters, Halie and Samantha, joined the team that now includes three generations of teachers! (And three generations of students!)

In September of 2015, Sheri Flint Gordon  became the owner of Flint's. Donna and Jerry's legacy lives on! 

                                        The 2017-2018 Season marks 57 years for Flint’s!